In its collections, Duvivier Canapés offers a wide choice of high quality leathers. Duvivier Canapés leathers are all full grain leathers.

You will be able to select from this large choice the one that corresponds exactly to your expectations and your lifestyle but also to your desires of interior decoration with different thicknesses (from 1.5 to 3 mm), different aspects (smooth or grained) and a wide variety of colors.

  • Dipped leathers: Welsh and Angora collections.

Leather in its noblest and most upscale version: a sensual touch and a chic material spirit. These leathers will develop a patina like antique leathers and will become more beautiful with time.

  • Aniline leathers: Anilcalf and Antika collections.

These are leathers with a smooth and authentic look that will shine over the years and take on the look of "family furniture".

  • Semi-aniline leathers: Boxcalf and Nappaline Collections.

The light pigmentation of these leathers allows for uniform shades and a wide choice of colors, especially in light tones.


A smooth, supple yet thick leather and at the same time sensual to touch with an authentic appearance. It gives nobility and elegance to the sofa.

In style and very modern with its smooth, natural and casual aspect. Only drum dyed, this leather will acquire a patina like ancient leathers. The more it is used, the more beautiful it becomes. Welsh is the leather of connoisseurs and epicureans, probably the most beautiful leather in the world.


This unique leather is smooth and supple, with an exceptional, sensual, with a velvety touch and authentic aspect. You can feel the quality at first touch and see the elegance and refinement it brings to the sofa.

Only drum dyed, an exclusive technique is then followed to obtain this feel, its deep colours and indefinable, natural, and earthy style.

It is a fashionable leather, very modern with its smooth, natural and authentic  aspect. It is a leather that fits perfectly, elegant and casual, but at the same time natural and authentic.


Full grain leather, aniline, tanned and finished in the old fashioned way, Antika leather reproduces perfectly the aspect of old leathers; like them, after tanning the leather has been patinated by hand with dyes; therefore, wear and rubbing will make these dyes penetrate, even out and shine the color until obtaining an incomparable natural and authentic aspect.

It is the leather of the connoisseurs.

Because of its relative stiffness and thickness, this leather can only be used for a limited number of models such as the Centquatre and Mermoz collections.


This full grain leather is both valuable by its smooth appearance and authentic by its slightly visible non-uniform grain.
Its texture gives elegance, refinement and a great amount of modernity to the sofa. Drum dyed and then surface dyed to give a uniform colour, this leather will acquire a glossy patina which added to its sensual touch will endlessly create new emotions.


This leather is very contemporary by its uniform aspect and possesses all the qualities of a good leather. Its thickness guarantees a long lasting presence and ensures that it will stand the test of time. Its refined natural grain gives elegance and refinement.

The lightly pigmented protection uniforms the colour without decreasing its sensuality and attractiveness and also without detriment to its longevity.


This leather has a slight grain, it is very supple and sensual to touch. Its thickness is sufficient to ensure strength and give presence, without losing its refined form.

Its slightly pigmented finish allows a choice of beautiful colours.

This is a very pleasant, high quality, in style leather at an affordable price.



Whatever your leather furniture, to ensure that it is well preserved over time, it must be stored in a room with a constant temperature and humidity level, i.e. at a temperature of between 18°C and 30°C and a humidity level of between 30% and 70%.

In general, it is imperative to avoid

  • install it in the immediate vicinity of heat sources,
  • expose it to direct sunlight, moonlight or any other intense light source,
  • place it in an excessively dry or damp environment.

On a daily basis, when your product is placed in good hygrometric conditions and in order to preserve its mechanical qualities (resistance, elasticity, suppleness), the maintenance of the leather is limited to a regular wiping with a soft, dry and lint-free cloth in order to rid the pores of dust.

In addition to this regular maintenance, on a more occasional basis, wipe the entire surface of your leather with a clean, slightly damp, lint-free cloth or sponge. This will dust it, moisturise it, and reduce or even remove the small marks that are easily created on this type of material.

In the case of a drier environment or the presence of a heat source, it is necessary to regularly wipe the leather with a damp cloth to moisten it.

The leather fears perspiration in general and scalp seborrhoea in particular, which seeps through and stains it. Depending on the acidity of the perspiration, the leather may become irreparably stained. It is then recommended to use a fabric head protector to protect the leather from the acidity that attacks it.

In the event of an accident, a stain for example, the rule is to prevent it from penetrating the leather.

For a liquid, it must be absorbed immediately with a clean cloth or sponge, but without pressing.

For a solid, remove the material with a blade and then proceed as for liquids.

For greasy stains, quickly cover them with Terre de Sommières for at least three hours and then remove the powder.

If the maintenance action is urgent, we advise you to consult your search engines which will provide you with a large number of sites specialising in the cleaning of the most common stains.

If the stain persists, do not hesitate to seek advice from your Duvivier Canapés specialist or to contact our company directly via our website by clicking on the "contact" tab.