Duvivier Canapés places high importance on the company’s responsibility: towards its customers, towards society and towards the environment. We are involved in a process of continuous dialogue. Like any exchange, this dialogue must be conducted by authenticity, listening and sincerity.

In this spirit, we seek to develop and transmit a production and consumption ethic.
Such an ethic is in keeping with our craftsmen and suppliers, the pride of our land and our origins, the responsibility towards the environment and the frankness towards our customers. 

the commitment by a Brand and a French Manufacturer

The value of labour

Duvivier Canapés brings special attention to the quality of its furniture. It is with the highest standards that we select our fabrics, with the utmost attention we fashion our leathers, with the best know-how we marry these materials to wood, metal and down.
Our designers, suppliers and craftsmen have been working with us for many years, and even decades for some of them. We combine our love of work well done and craftsmanship excellence to ensure our furniture a unique aesthetic and unexceptionable quality. We spare neither our time, nor our energy to make each product an exception that meets in all aspects to your expectations.

The test of time

We believe that a piece of furniture is neither a perishable good nor a home accessory. The sofa orchestrates the whole living room and gives it its personality. The table or armchair, characterizes an office and gives it its particular dimension. The furniture reveals the soul of a house and makes you feel at home.
This furniture design over time is at the crossroads of a consumption model change. A model in favour of sustainability, which dismisses the snapshot. A model that promotes quality over quantity. A model that gives meaning to reliability and fidelity.

Duvivier Canapés therefore combines a manufacturing excellence, based on proven traditional methods, and a modern design, to renew the French Art de Vivre. As such, our furniture cannot deteriorate with age. On the contrary, it is revealing under the test of time. 

The pride of our heritage and its transmission

François-Baptiste Duvivier established himself as saddler in 1840. Since then, his activity has allowed him to retain unique French know-how. As such, Duvivier Canapés owns the Enterprise of Living Heritage label.
This label rewards the heritage of François-Baptiste and recognizes as the company’s mission the one that has always been his: the transmission of know-how and their valuation in exceptional furniture. Young artisans learn the craft by observing and repeating the gestures of their elders. Our saddlers, upholsterers and tailors then find a framework that guarantees serenity and fulfilment. This chain of transmission binds us to the founder. It shows our commitment to craftsmanship and the love of handwork.

Towards an ecological consciousness

It is because Maison Duvivier Canapés has self-care and love of work well done, that it is also conscious of its environment. We are fully committed to an eco-friendly approach.
Our materials come from sustainable management: eco-managed wood, 30% recycled metal, clean and non-polluting packaging. Our exclusively French production significantly reduces our carbon footprint in terms of transport and our make to order model makes it possible to limit the unnecessary overproductions. 

Protection of CUSTOMERS health and safety

All the materials and components used in the manufacture of Duvivier Canapés products ensure perfect safety in terms of the health and wellbeing of their users. Our products are free of toxic pollutants, phthalates or benzene derivatives. The company can provide further information on request.


Guaranteed quality

A Certificate of origin and warranty is provided to you on delivery of your order. It commits Duvivier Canapés on several points.

  • The chassis, the suspension, the seams are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Cushions are guaranteed for 10 years subject to normal use.
  • The leather in the collection is guaranteed to comply with European standards in leather upholstery.
  • Tear strength is guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Colours are guaranteed, subject to avoiding prolonged exposure to sun, moon or heat sources in overly dry atmospheres.
  • Resistance to stretching is guaranteed, subject to avoiding excessive stressing of the leather's resiliency capacity and to the exclusion of temporary deformations due to the elasticity of the leather.