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HERITAGE Collection

HERITAGE Collection

Maison Duvivier Canapés finds its raison d’être in its mission of transmission. Since 1840, it has been committed to enriching and passing on the know-how inherited from generations of passionate craftsmen.
But its mission goes beyond that. It is also committed to transmitting a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

In every couture, every detail, lies the history and soul of visionary designers and a line of dedicated craftsmen.
Thus, by weaving a link between past, present and future, Duvivier Canapés brings to life a heritage, where each creation becomes the testimony of a history that endures and nourishes future generations. A heritage that is true to the values of the Maison.

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Michel Mortier's work is an ode to the enduring nature of design. His perfectly structured volumes and timeless lines have transcended the decades, retaining their strength and originality intact.

The SF 103 armchair, nicknamed the "Triennale" and awarded the eponymous prize at the Milan Show in 1954, remains a must-have.

Now re-edited by Duvivier Canapés, it still embodies design excellence and continues to inspire lovers of timeless aesthetics.

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New collection September 2023

New collection September 2023


Evident, pure, minimal. Three concepts that suffice to define Arsène:

Evident, Arsène doesn't hide its game and emphasizes thoughtful function. It offers a generous, clean seat, with a single cushion when in fabric - because it can be cut by the meter - and several when in leather - to respect the material; wide, low armrests, to accommodate a book, an informal break or a nap; a reasoned depth that balances anatomy and bulk; and massive feet because you can count on it.

Pure, Arsène presents itself with lines that are out of time and out of fashion. To refute the ephemeral is to give sincerity. It demands rigor, a sense of detail and measured proportions. Carefully selected noble materials combine to create a perfect balance. In a way, it seems to have always existed. As if drawing on living-room memories, we've brought them back to life in a synthesis of understated elegance and timeless modernity.

Minimal, By focusing on an elementary structure and exceptional new comfort - a combination of foams of different densities, memory foam and feathers - everything superfluous has been eliminated. A perfectionist's approach and love of craftsmanship: here, replacing a seam with a clip - softer to the touch - or banishing it altogether, and there, transforming a drawer box into a secret box.

Craftsman Design

Arsène is more than just a piece of furniture. Every seam, every assembly is meticulously crafted, respecting ancestral traditions and the rules of the art. The craftsman's expertise and passion are revealed in every detail, making Arsène a living tribute to the union of craftsmanship and design.

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