A signature and product design of character in the French "chic" spirit

Pure, clean lines

In its creative approach, Duvivier Canapés favours straight, refined lines, enhanced by high quality, authentic materials.

The sober design, punctuated by singular details, gives each of our creations a timeless spirit and signature.

Inspired by French “chic”

Inspired by French “chic” and” art de vivre”, a blend of respectful elegance and casual lifestyle, conviviality and cultural interludes, our sofas combine elegance and simplicity, offering comfort and a charming frivolity in the details.

Well thought-out design and new partnerships.

Well thought-out design and new partnerships.

The models of the Maison Duvivier Canapés have been distinguished since the beginning by a blend of aesthetics, comfort and materials, a trio unifying our strong identity without compromising.


The beginning of 2017 marked the collaboration of the Duvivier Canapés brand with Charlotte JUILLARD. Selected by the Maison for her inventive and innovative approach to material, Charlotte embodies the new generation of French designers. Instantly likeable, this thirty-year-old Parisian draws you in by her sensitive and committed outlook. 


Sensitive to the nobility of materials, Charlotte JUILLARD appreciates natural materials which age progressively. She also expresses, with this in mind, that "this gives an object an emotional charge and allows you to design pieces that you never tire of". Charlotte particularly likes to feel the craftsman’s handmade work, as emotion is often the essence of his work. 



The Maison Duvivier Canapés, often considered a leather expert, is known for the quality and work of its leather. With the introduction of fabrics, leather is magnified and enhanced. As a result of its association with fabric, it is perceived differently. By using small touches of leather within a design creates a renewed bias.


This bi-material blend gives furniture character. This encounter, with the play of colours and textures, presents this sofa with a different line and an infinity of combinations, as the Maison Duvivier Canapés knows how to bring it to reality.


This new project aims to instill a new energy in the Maison bringing it back to the forefront of our minds and within the French design market. We continue to be conscious of maintaining and valuing our know-how.