A signature and product design of character in the French RELAXED chic spirit

Pure, clean lines.

In its creative approach, Duvivier Canapés favours straight, refined lines, enhanced by high quality, authentic materials. The sober design, punctuated by singular details, gives each of our creations a timeless spirit and signature.


Inspired by French chic.

Inspired by French chic and art de vivre, a blend of respectful elegance and casual lifestyle, conviviality and cultural interludes, our sofas, armchairs and furniture combine elegance and simplicity, offering comfort and a charming frivolity in the details.

New designer collaborations.

The models of the Maison Duvivier Canapés have been distinguished since the beginning by a blend of aesthetics, comfort and materials, a trio unifying our strong identity without compromising. New collaborations with chosen designers underlign this identity.


HERITAGE collection for highlighting french design patrimony.

By weaving a link between past and future, Duvivier Canapés brings to life a heritage, where each creation becomes the testimony of a history that endures and nourishes future generations. A heritage that is true to the values of the Maison. In this way, iconic and remarkable objects created by the designers who have built up this rich heritage are reborn and revived.


1925 - 2015

A French designer, Michel Mortier turned to the decorative arts at an early age and entered what is now the École Duperré. As soon as he graduated, he was hired by the Studium of the Louvre stores, where he designed his first series of furniture and perfected his knowledge of interior design before moving to Brussels to work in the furniture department of Le Bon Marché.

Back in Paris, he joined Marcel Gascoin’s design office, where he was responsible for ten young interior designers. Most of them formed what is now known as the first generation of French designers.

It was here that Michel Mortier became close to Joseph-André Motte and Pierre Guariche, with whom he shared a radical approach that encouraged technical innovation and the invention of new forms as well as an approach that combined ethics and aesthetics.

The three of them founded the A.R.P. (Atelier de Recherches Plastiques) and proposed innovative mass-produced furniture and lighting to various French manufacturers and publishers. This experience laid the foundations of French modernity of the 50s.

Their design office presented some of the most beautiful stands at the Salon des Arts Ménagers (Domestic Science Exhibition).

After their separation, Michel Mortier became creative director of Maison Française and then founded his first agency, Habitation-Esthétique Indus- trielle-Mobilier where he concentrated more on interior architecture. He then went into partnership with François Lamy to work on the site of the International Exhibition in Montreal in 1967. On his return to Paris, he observed the Parisian youth revolt of May 68 and became creative director of Mobilier International for a year.

Michel Mortier soon began passing on his knowledge and experience in the best training centres.
This visionary designer has left a lasting legacy in the field of design. His rigorous approach, his concern for functionality and his sensitivity to aesthetics have shaped a career marked by diversity and excellence.

Guillaume HINFRAY, Creative Director, Stylist & Designer

Guillaume HINFRAY, Creative Director, Stylist & Designer

Guillaume HINFRAY, Creative Director, Stylist & Designer.

"Qualitative design must combine well-being, elegance and simplicity. Humility is the key to get there."


Born in Paris, Norman by heart and Milanese by adoption.

Guillaume starts - by chance - in a “haute couture” workshop at Nina Ricci. Graduated at the age of 21 from the School of the Union Chamber of the Paris Couture, he continues his training with the designer and artistic director Christian Astuguevielle.

In 1991, the lights of Milan, a city in full effervescence, which is creating a Style as well in the Fashion as in the Design, attract him. This is the beginning of a new adventure. Guillaume discovers the world of shoes. It's love at first sight ! The challenge of linking comfort, ergonomics and elegance fascinates him. Finally, this object is perhaps the hyphen he seeks for between fashion and design, between clothing and furniture.

With his partner Marco Censi, he founded a fashion office specializing in accessories: shoes and bags. Together, they learn the secrets of working with leathers and different materials. They will quickly work for the biggest Italian and international brands. However, the design is never far away.

In 2001, he launched with friends of all kinds: architects, stylists, graphic designers, the collective "When A meets B", when Fashion meets Design, unless it is the opposite. This collective becomes aware of a cultural and societal clash between design that becomes a fashion product. He wants to bridge these two disciplines and create furniture that are objects of desire as a fashion product is.

Early 2018, Guillaume became involved in the creation of Duvivier Canapés. Seeking to renew the range while respecting the values of Handmade in France, he explores an uninhibited and relaxed chic typical of Parisian style and thus casts a new light on the brand of which he becomes Creative Director in 2019.

For the time being, he has created the following collections for the Maison : the Auguste modular sofa (2018), Emile armchair and chaiselongue (2018) and Elsa sofa, chaiselongue, armchair and ottomans (2020) .

Charlotte JUILLARD, Designer

" My desire is not to alter material but to emphasise and enhance it, combining comfort and well-being. "


Charlotte embodies the new generation of French designers with her inventive approach to materials.

Following studies in Design and Interior Architecture at the Camondo School in Paris, she joined the Benetton Group within its creative workshop “la Fabrica” located in Treviso in Italy where she worked with a team of international designers under the direction of Sam Baron.

Returning to France, Charlotte joined the Ateliers de Paris in 2014 and decided to set up her own creative studio. With her creative approach like a quest to research and valorise material, she was immediately seduced by the ethical values and the know-how of the Maison Duvivier Canapés. 

This collaboration is part of a joined self-consciousness  that we continue to be must of maintain and value our know- how. « As a designer and company we have a heavy mission, re-teaching the public to be sensitive to local production and the know-how of our industries who are disappearing in favour of delocalised manufacturing and less expensive end products.» 

Several collections are signed by Charlotte Juillard for Maison Duvivier Canapés: Jules sofa (2018), Jean cabinet (2018), Joséphine sofa (2019), Adèle coffee table (2019).

Pierre Gonalons, Designer & Interior Architect

" I always like to reread the history of furniture in my own way and extract from it what still seems contemporary today. "


Pierre Gonalons, designer and interior architect, is based in Paris.

Far from having started out in a renowned agency, he built himself up on his own, experience after experience.

Born in Lyon into a family with Italian cultural origins, he cultivated an early interest in French heritage and art history. A graduate of the Camondo school, Pierre Gonalons quickly established his singular vision of design and space.

He founded his design studio at the age of 23 and designed for prestigious houses: Lalique, Chloé, Nina Ricci, Pernod, Weston... in parallel with his self-published collections and limited editions for international galleries.

His creations fall between simplicity and spectacularity, and give priority to the expression of traditional materials and artisanal know-how, which he considers a source of inspiration. He defends a minimal design to which he transmits references to decorative arts and Pop culture.

In 2020, Duvivier Canapés joined forces with Pierre Gonalons for the first time. From this collaboration was born in 2021 a collection inspired by the iconic Chesterfield, which consists of Serge sofas, Serge club armchairs and Serge coffee tables.