With her pure and geometric lines which are part of verticality, Hélène is very airy on its slender feet which let the light shine through.

But if Hélène presents a smooth and rational exterior, it is only to better welcome you with her large feathered, supple and soft cushions, from which the slightest projection, the slightest angle have been banished.

Evoking the ancestral art of Japanese Origami - magnifying the manual art of folding - the ends of the cushions have been gently folded. A leather strap, knotted and sewn by hand, delicately holds the fold.

Hélène invites you to relax, to bask. She is ready to comfort you.

Lightness, light and comfort; Hélène may hold these qualities from the origin of her name. This one comes from the ancient Greek Hḕlios, sun, which turned into Helenê, heat of the sun. A promise of well-being.

It is by drawing on the brand's heritage that the development teams have designed Hélène, under the Creative Direction of Guillaume Hinfray. An approach that persues one of Duvivier Canapés' commitments: to innovate while respecting tradition.

Like an Origami - the ends of the cushions have been folded gently.
A leather strap, sewn by hand, retains the fold.
Hélène, very aerial on her slender feet, lets glimpse the light.
In fabric
Leather in details