Discover the luxury leather sofa from Duvivier Canapés designed for connoisseurs by connoisseurs.

Elegant and authentic, vintage or contemporary, modular or classic, the French made by hand leather sofas from our workshops adapt to all interior styles and give them a warm and refined atmosphere.

If amateurs agree on one point, it is that leather is a must in terms of decoration.

The choice of a quality leather sofa brings character to your living room. And even more character over time because, unlike fabric, the years that pass on your leather make it more and more beautiful by giving it a patina. The characteristics of the hide remain visible and reflect a particular journey, a history. And this history is what makes each piece perfectly unique. This is what makes genuine leather so unique, so inimitable and so low-maintenance.

Whether it's for a relaxing moment with the family, a well-deserved nap or a wild evening with friends, your sofa is always there, like a friend.

This is the main reason why our luxury leather sofa is always popular with customers, because it meets the ethical requirements they expect of this furniture: it is durable, it is natural, it is authentic, it is French.


Sustainable: like a friend, the top-of-the-range designer leather sofa from Duvivier Canapés will accompany you for a long time without changing.

If Duvivier Canapés can claim an exceptional quality of its top-of-the-range leather sofas, it is because it uses the best in the manufacturing process of its products. For example, our frames are made of solid beech and particle board, as these are the most solid.

The optimal comfort of our seats is based on two essential elements: the suspension and the seats. Our suspensions are dimensionally stable and do not exert any tension on the frame, so that you can sit comfortably on the entire surface of the seat. Our suspensions are bi-supported because they are made up of two parts: a stainless steel spring system patented by the company almost 20 years ago, which provides the best suspension for the most important thing - lasting comfort.

Two types of seat are then placed on these frames, giving our luxury leather sofas unrivalled comfort. The first type of seat is called "all-foam" because it is made up of a core of different densities of high-resilience polyurethane foam, the best on the market; it maintains the shape of the cushions and guarantees their stability over time. A second core is made up of the same foam, to which is added a mixture of feathers, foam flakes and fibres; the foam guarantees the duration of the comfort and the mixture ensures a soft seat

As proof, the Duvivier Canapés French leather sofa is guaranteed for 10 years.


Natural: exceptional leathers, a true brand signature.

For Duvivier Canapés, a passion for leather has been combined with artisanal know-how since 1840. The Maison's leathers are selected from among the finest in the world. We only use the most renowned tanners and work with them in the French leather sector. Our brand selects its partners who share the same values: French manufacturing and the Living Heritage Company label.

Duvivier Canapés leather guarantees an inimitable, exclusive and exceptional touch and comfort. Since it is a natural material, each piece is unique. The tanner's experience and mastery of traditional methods are the key for obtaining exceptional, natural, authentic leather. Only our top of the range full grain leather sofas use this quality of leather and are therefore selected for our collections. This selection and high quality finishing guarantee all the qualities of comfort and use of a natural material.

Unique finishes that depend on the quality of the hide and determine the aesthetic characteristics of a leather: look, colour and feel. A beautiful hide only requires colouring operations that allow us to work with "full grain" dipped, aniline or semi-aniline leathers, which retain all the qualities of the natural material. Concerned about the environment, the House uses only the most natural colouring techniques.


Authentic: a French company with the Living Heritage Company label.

Duvivier Canapés is the only company that has been combining excellence in craftsmanship with a wealth of materials since 1840 to create exceptional French products. It is committed to perpetuating the know-how of its dressmakers, saddlers and saddlery makers. They pass it on to the generations that follow them, thus preserving a manufacturing process that is entirely made in France and recognised by the Living heritage Company label. The talents, who come to reinforce the company's workforce, acquire expertise and values of excellence in their daily work by observing the elders and repeating precise gestures.

The traditional techniques have integrated new technologies and have been adapted to the manufacture of a contemporary product, which can be admired from every angle. Indeed, the same care is given to both the front and the back of the House's furniture pieces.

Since 2006, the Living Heritage Company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label awarded by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment promotes and encourages French culture and know-how. It distinguishes French companies with excellent craft and/or industrial know-how and gives them recognition. This distinction was awarded to Duvivier Canapés because of its rich history, its national and international reputation, its capacity for innovation, its rare know-how in the use of authentic and natural leather and finally its know-how in the manufacture of sofas and armchairs in France.