You are choosing a piece of furniture made by craftsmen who, since 1840, have been perpetuating exceptional ancestral know-how and entirely French production.

The top-of-the-range convertible sofas from Duvivier Canapés combine aestheticism and comfort. Our demanding services bring you French quality sofabeds that make you want to curl up in them and never leave them.

Nowadays, the sofa  bed is an essential piece of furniture for our interiors that responds to contemporary situations. It must be practical, ergonomic and functional.  Its design is no less important because it remains the central element of the room for which it is intended. Multi-tasking, it is at the same time a decorative element, a seat and a bed.

They make your life easier. Whether you are looking to optimise or furnish a small space or whether your objective is to increase the number of beds in your home, our French-made convertible sofas always guarantee equivalent comfort in both day and night versions.

Our offer covers several dimensions as well as a range of leather or fabric coverings in many colours. This wide choice allows you to give free rein to your creativity and make this custom-made sofa bed the reflection of your desires.

As with a classic bed, the comfort of your sofa bed is ensured by the nature and quality of :

- its base: with straps or slats, flexible or rigid, in wood or synthetic material, bi-zone or monobloc

- and of its mattress: in high resilience foam or in foam of studied density, Bultex, more or less thick.

Depending on its characteristics, your sofa bed will meet :

- a regular sleeping need
- or for more occasional use

Three of our collections have a top-of-the-range sofa bed version. All of them are equipped with high resilience foam and all of them ensure a comfortable seat when used as a sofa.

For a regular bed we recommend :

1- Max, the ultimate top-of-the-range sofa bed designed by the House craftsmen.

In a jiffy, Max unfolds into a bed with great sleeping dimensions and unequalled comfort. The great advantages of the Max top-of-the-range sofa bed are :

- a minimum of space when unfolded (210 cm) while offering a standard length bed (198 cm) like a real bed,

- seat and back cushions that remain attached. There is no need to remove them when opening the frame. The whole thing snaps back into place perfectly when you close it,

- a base made up of flexible slats and straps with a bi-zone system that adapts to the user's morphology and ensures that the sleep of the person next to him is not disturbed,

- a 14 cm thick mattress, made of high resilience and high density foam, which offers a high quality daily sleep.

The Max sofa bed is available in two sleeping widths (143 cm and 163 cm) and in several finishes.

It can be accompanied by armchairs which have been designed with a convertible option with a sleeping width of 83 cm.

2- Thomas, the top-of-the-range composable sofa bed.

All the expertise of our craftsmen's hands in this model with a pure design that expresses all their talents without artifice.

This quality convertible sofa offers two sleeping widths (140 cm and 160 cm) for everyday use, if desired.

Thomas is the perfect compromise of the convertible sofa. It can be used as a corner bed during the day and as a bed at night thanks to a base composed of two thirds grids and one third straps as well as a Bultex mattress with a density of 38 kg/m3 and a thickness of 12 cm.

For a more occasional bed, we also propose :

3- The chic Mermoz convertible sofa.

More compact but definitely timeless with its refined vintage look in leather, it has a 120 cm wide bed. Its 3-ply canvas base and its Bultex mattress with a density of 35 kg/m3 and a thickness of 6 cm welcome your guests without any notice and with ease.


For an extra bed, think also of the :

- Elsa daybed

- Basile chaiselongue daybed