January 2018

Design, materials and comfort : a unifying trio with a common strength

Design, materials and comfort : a unifying trio with a common strength

From their first creation the Maison Duvivier Canapés models have distinguished themselves by the combination of aesthetics, material and comfort, a unifying trio with a common strength.

The beginning of 2017 marked the collaboration of the Duvivier Canapés brand with Charlotte JUILLARD. Selected by the Maison for her inventive and innovative approach to material, Charlotte embodies the new generation of French designers. Instantly likeable, this thirty-year-old Parisian draws you in by her sensitive and committed outlook.

This sensitivity was engrained from childhood thanks to her parents who gave her the opportunity to survey the world.Travelling to countries with very different cultures, and often in Asia,created so many memories of tropical climates, mellow Christmas' under banyan trees, being surrounded by ricefields and  experiencing local arts & crafts ... which sharpened her sensitivity making her aware of her surroundings: decoration, materials, colours, perfumes ... which have all provided her with a strong eye for detail.

Charlotte JUILLARD's designs are consequently nourished by these journeys and her associated experiences, thus elegantly and creatively integrating herself with the unifying values of the Maison: Character, Discipline, Expertise and Commitment. 

Jules, one inspiration for one new collection !

Jules, one inspiration for one new collection !

The Jules range designed by Charlotte JUILLARD for Maison Duvivier Canapés has a visible raised wooden structure that gives an overall  ethereal appearance.

This structure is directly inspired by the "tchanqué" cabins on the Ile aux Oiseaux, in the Arcachon basin. In the middle of an untouched, preserved area two wooden huts stand proudly on stilts. These constructions became the symbol of the Arcachon basin, their name deriving from the Gascon word "chancas" which means"mounted on stilts".

If these huts,subject to the harshness of storms and exposed to the tireless movement of the tides, inspire a sense of durability, they also bring a historical charm to the object and undoubtedly highlight the French know-how. 

From her sofa, one can imagine basking on a veranda and letting the mind wander beyond the Dune du Pyla whose long sandy peak sits on the horizon.

Marked by the beauty of this decor and the aesthetics of the cabins, Charlotte has transformed these qualities into a piece of elegant and timeless furniture for Maison Duvivier Canapés.