The Duvivier Canapés puts on a show in Tokyo

July 2017

 The presentation of the new Duvivier Canapés’ collection took place last July within the store of Tokyo.


During several days, the main actors of the real estate construction, the architecture and the interior design as well as the biggest editors will have had the opportunity to discover the models of the collection on «The French elegance and culture » theme carefully staged in the store which welcomed at the same time an exhibition of works from various young French artists.

As Yoko Ichishima underlines it, the Japanese clientele « is very sensitive to the comfort of seating of the Duvivier Canapés models and fell under the spell of leathers of the House ; their touch, their delicacy, their colours and their quality hit the nail on the head. The Welsh leather collection was a huge success.

As regards the models of sofas, the Centquatre and the Maillol were marked out. Iconic of the brand, for their remarkable comfort which suggests relaxation as well as the Helium and the Monaco for their chic and elegance.

During the first half of year 2017, the collection was also presented at various interior design shows in the area of Tokyo and enjoyed a big success.

We very warmly thank our partner Paris Duvivier / With One and the whole team for its commitment with the Maison Duvivier Canapés as well as Yoko Ischima who collaborates to this article.