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Maison Duvivier Canapés becomes Associate Partner of the France Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo

2021, March 5

The World Expo's have always ranked alongside the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup in the forefront of major international events. They are also among the oldest events, the first being the Great Exhibition in London, UK in 1851.

The ambitions of these exhibitions have evolved today towards international cooperation and the search for solutions to the great challenges of humanity. For six months, from 2021 Oct. 1st to 2022 March 31st, all the countries of the world will come together to reflect, propose and implement concrete solutions in the service of humanity. In light of the health crisis we are going through, this theme is therefore no longer a proposal, but an imperative.

The France Pavilion, a unique showcase to testify of excellence and French know-how

The France Pavilion aims to make France shine by promoting its innovations, talents and assets, and will be an unforgettable showcase to testify to French excellence and know-how. In Dubai, the France Pavilion will also demonstrate France’s commitment by highlighting political, economic, cultural and social initiatives and actions.

This commitment will be illustrated in particular in the event programming of the French Pavilion, the guiding line of which will be the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN. Through its strong presence at this international event, which will be the biggest meeting of 2021, the France

Pavilion will also participate in the revival of the French economy. Indeed, this international gathering is a unique opportunity for companies to rebound economically, by creating new development prospects and by accelerating the conquest of new markets.

 Erik LINQUIER, General Commissioner of France for theWorld Expo Dubai and President of Cofrex

"I am delighted to count Duvivier Canapés among the Associate Partners of the France Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo. The presence of a French SME at this international event fully embodies our desire to bring together ALL the talents of our country in order to contribute to the influence of French excellence and know-how. "

Aymeric DUTHOIT, President of Duvivier Canapés

“I, along with all of the Maison's craftmen, am very proud and honored to be part of this great adventure. Day after day, we strive to promote the world’s excellence in French know-how and we realize our great responsibility. It is with passion and awareness that the craftsmen will contribute to this exceptional event ".

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