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Franck Riester, Minister Delegate for Export and Attractiveness, meets the craftsmen of Duvivier Canapés

2021, February 25

Maison Duvivier Canapés had set itself the objective of achieving 50% of its international turnover within 10 years when it took over in 2016. Part of the road had been covered in 2019: 36% of the The activity was carried out outside France, thanks to the promotion of products made in France. The health crisis has severely slowed down this dynamic, preventing the majority of trips abroad and sharply slowing international trade. Faced with this new situation, the company reacted and is now pursuing 4 major projects to revive the momentum.

1- Complete digitalization of the purchasing journey After the new website, the application, the virtual tour of the brand's Parisian showroom, it is now the launch of a configurator on the brand's website that will allow the customer to create his own product, view it in its interior thanks to Augmented Reality and also price it and order it. This 100% French achievement is the result of collaboration with local French Tech SMEs.

2- The brand's participation in Milano Design Week, also called Fuorisalone, during the Milan furniture fair next September and for the first time. The Milan show is the world's largest trade fair in the sector. A new collection, the result of a new collaboration, will be unveiled on this occasion.

3- The Duvivier Canapés collaboration at one of the major world events of the year: the Dubai World Expo. As an Associate Partner of the French Pavilion and in cooperation with COFREX, organizer of the event, the brand will equip the prestigious Georges Sand Salon of the French Pavilion with its latest collection launched in 2020: ELSA, signed Guillaume Hinfray. This project is a perfect illustration of the brand's international development. It testifies to the attractiveness of know-how and the excellence of hand-made in France.

4- The work of the new cabinet-making workshop, with the involvement of our community of municipalities. Backed by the current saddlery in Usson du Poitou, this new workshop aims to bring together the professions of the House, saddlery and cabinetmaking, modernize the tool and expand its areas of expertise and its creative possibilities.

These 4 projects will mobilize teams throughout 2021 and will produce their first significant effects in 2022 for a 2026 target that will remain intact despite the crisis.