When Entrepreneurship rhymes with Values

July 2017

When Entrepreneurship rhymes with Values


The takeover of a company providing sofas, armchairs and high-end furniture, based on know-how that is almost bicentenary, which draws its fundamentals from French craftsmanship and the highest associated values ​​, is a unique adventure that has been offered to me and that I wish to live out with all of our employees.


Imagine a diamond in the rough, its charms manifestly present, but hidden from the light. All that is desirable, all that triggers our deepest emotions, lies beneath the surface, yet to be discovered. The stakes are high. The brand’s position and renown must be brought back into the light, the diamond cut and polished. Capitalizing on Duvivier Canapes’ history and reputation, integrating its essential elements into the needs of the current market, the company has a number of assets that will help it shine, not the least of which is our credo of Expertise, Character, Quality Materials and Commitment.


The products and collections, designed by the craftsmen of the Maison, whose experience in this area is without parallel, are manufactured and distributed to the four corners of the earth. They have a common entry key: the sensuality of a collection of exceptional materials that includes wood, leather and fabric. These materials are enhanced by the perfection of our finishes and comfort, with lines characterized by their timelessness, our response to the current ephemeral trend.


As I embark on this entrepreneurial adventure, it is the human values ​​of the company that appeal to me above all others: the scale of the structure and the depth of the craftsmen's know-how, but also the implicit potential of a Company that can respond so attentively to the needs and desires of its customers, now and in the future, in France and abroad, without sacrificing its history. "


Aymeric Duthoit