Leathers of Quality

Within its collection for upholstery, Canapés Duvivier offers a wide selection of leathers that allows you to select the one that corresponds exactly to your requirements and needs with different thicknesses (from 1.5 to 3 mm), different aspects (smooth or textured) and a wide variety of colours.


Discover the leather which suits you amongst the different finishes :

Drum dyed leather : Koskoa, Welsh and Angora.  They are sensual to touch with a noble appearance.  They will acquire a patina like ancient leathers and age beautifully with time.

Aniline leathers : Anilcalf and Antika. They are leathers with a smooth, authentic aspect who will acquire a sheen over the years and become a true family piece of furniture.

Semi-aniline leathers : Nappaline and Boxcalf.  The slight pigmentation of these leathers permits a uniform colour and offers a wide variety of colours, notably in the light shades.  Their maintenance requires no special precautions.


 Collection des cuirs Canapés Duvivier



Cuirs haut de gamme Canapés Duvivier

The quality of a leather, its suppleness and resistance depends on three main criteria : the origin of the hide, the expertise of the tanner and the finish of the leather.

To obtain a beautiful leather, it it necessary to have a beautiful hide.  The Canapés Duvivier leathers only come from carefully selected animals and have to undergo rigorous testing.  Only hides from young bulls, treated with care and well fed, originating from the best European stockbreeders, will become leathers used for manufacturing Canapés Duvivier sofas.

The Tanners who provide the Duvivier leathers possess an ancient know-how and are passionate about their craftmanship. Because leather is a natural material, each hide is unique.  The experience of the Tanner and the traditional methods used are essential in obtaining a beautiful, natural, authentic and longlasting leather.

With regards to the finish, we only include within the collection « full grain » leathers with little or no pigmentation.   These high-end finishes give our leathers all the qualities of comfort and use of a natural material, which one will not find with sanded leathers “corrected grain” and/or highly pigmented leathers.

The Duvivier leathers are supple and comfortable to touch.  They absorb moisture from the body, acting as a thermal regulator and develops a beautiful patina over time.



Cuirs haut de gamme Canapés Duvivier