Leather Boxcalf

Cuir luxe Boxcalf Canapés DuvivierBOXCALF

Leather with a subtle grain, very flexible and sensual to touch.

Its thickness is sufficient to ensure strength and give presence, without losing its refined form. Its slightly pigmented finish allows a choice of beautiful colours and makes it easy to maintain. This is a very pleasant in style leather, which will remain beautiful for a long time and can be used without any special precautions.



Colours :

  • CrèmeCrème
  • LinLin
  • PoussièrePoussière
  • Gris beigeGris beige
  • CimentCiment
  • Gris clairGris clair
  • MokaMoka
  • RubisRubis
  • PimentPiment
  • ChocolatChocolat
  • Marron glacéMarron glacé
  • Blanc casséBlanc cassé
  • ArdoiseArdoise
  • NoirNoir
  • BlancBlanc
  • GaletGalet
  • CorailCorail
  • QuetscheQuetsche
  • BleuBleu
  • Bleu canardBleu Canard