Leather Anilcalf

Cuir luxe Anilcalf Canapés Duvivier

ANILCALF, European young bull, full-grain, aniline, thickness 1,5 mm.

Close to calf, this leather is both valuable by its smooth appearance and authentic by its  slightly visible non-uniform grain.

It gives elegance, refinement and a great amount of modernity to the sofa. From its appearance and touch emerges a tremendous sensuality. 

Aniline, this leather will acquire a sheen with a brightness and an everlasting sensual touch enhanced by every frictional movement, arousing new emotions each day.



Colours :

  • GoldGold
  • CamelCamel
  • NoirNoir
  • CaféCafé
  • ÉcorceÉcorce
  • TaupeTaupe
  • OrageOrage
  • PierrePierre
  • ChanvreChanvre